Like steroids for Discord

Rise is a multi tool/selfbot with 3000+ paid users. An upgrade to discord!


Why should you buy Rise?


​Rise offers 500+ Commands & Counting along with plenty of non command features


Updates are Released Regularly with our auto updating method and added Suggestions from Users included


Image mode, Embed mode, Codeblock mode, All with full customizability


Custom scripting to implement your own code, Bypassing discord intents, And with smart error logging


With Rise not only is it a selfbot but you can share commands with friends


Protections such as session viewing/whitelist, Mass Friend Requests, Discord Staff, Much More


Alerts with windows notifications and webhook notifications allows you to react quickly


Nitro sniper with customization, Giveaway joiner, Ghostping detection, And even Custom Word Snipers

​Selfbot Detection

​Detect other selfbot users with smart detection methods

What people say about us

Product is solid, UI doesnt lag me to death and isn't just a console. Cant find anywhere to complain really.

— Phoenixacevfx - 2023

Been using Rise for about 1 year now, amazing for the price, helpful community, they are willing to help you with any issues from the bot bugging out or with creating custom scripts. Never really had any major issues with the bot. I recommend this selfbot to anyone who is wanting to start getting into botting and modifying your discord experience. 10/10 good job

— Hiro. - 2022

Cool Selfbot for it's price, I love the custom scripting and themes, owner is chill and answers most questions and helps with issues and solves them, also windows 7 support is cool.

— Hax.or - 2023

Get it now!


    Limited Features
    80+ Commands
    Free Access
    Included Nitro Sniper
    Easy Setup
    Simplistic Console
    Few Tools/Events
    Limited Customization


    Full Features
    500+ Commands
    Lifetime Access to Windows/Linux(Ubuntu)
    Notification Alerts
    Easy Setup
    Rise UI
    Custom Scripting
    All Tools/Events
    Full Customization