Terms Of Service Of Riseselfbot.xyz

Last revision: December, 2022

Account Sharing

Account sharing is prohibited, if your account is given to another person other than yourself it will be revoked.


Refunding the product will get your key revoked, We do not offer refunds but if you charge back you will no longer be able to access Rise Selfbot.


Sharing files to non buyers/users will result in you being blacklisted from Rise


Attempted to crack or deobfuscate the file of the exe will result in being blacklisted from Rise


The product of which you are receiving a key to works on Windows 7-11 and Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu Based).

Discord Account Hosting

We do not allow the use of hosting your friends Discord tokens on Rise for them if they don’t own Rise.


We have the right to terminate your rise account under any cirumstance we condone if it comes to an owner agreement.

Agreement 1

While rise is made to be safe, you agree that you are breaking discords terms of service using this selfbot.

Agreement 2

If you are banned from our community server(s), you agree not to join back on alternative accounts. Doing so can result in an account ban.

Agreement 3

When using Rise, You agree for the information logged [HWID (Permanent until reset), Discord ID (Temporary), Time Authenticated (Temporary)]